Charles Gustke - Ohio. 1920's

Statement from Kevin Gustke - grandson

I can tell you a little bit about what I know.

My grandfather's name was Charles Gustke. He was born something in the 1920's in southern Ohio. His wife's name is Marie Brethhaur (not sure on spelling) Gustke.

Their Children are:

Barb Gustke Chenowith (married)

Carl William Gustke (married) 1951

Janis Gustke

Norma Gustke Short (married)

Carl Gustke -is my Father. He was born in 1951 in Coolvile Ohio. He is married to Deborah Kay Barnhart Gustke

I have one sister and two brothers, all unmarried.

In order from oldest to youngest.

Tracey Kay Gustke 1974

Kevin Carl Gustke 1976

Cory William Gustke 1979

Mark Edward Gustke 1982