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This site is to serve the purpose of genealogy research for the families of Guske or Gustke. It is believed that if enough of us begin to share the information about our heritages we will foster a movement which will bring our scattered families closer. To serve this purpose we need your ideas and input.

Please send your suggestions for improving any aspect of this web page.

Our goal is to provide genealogy information, discover the roots of the Guske and Gustke families, try to reconnect with the German (Deutsch) relatives, and foster a closer relationship between our families.

Genealogy Information.

The gathering of genealogy information is a time intense activity that can lead to much frustration and great exultations. Besides this site there are sites which can help you in your search for your family roots. The location of these sites have been borrowed from the Lundy Genealogy and we thank them for a description of each site.

"Genealogy Online has a good listing of archives and services as does Genealogy Toolbox. A name which tells it all is the Broderbund's Family Maker's Genealogy site. A site with many links to other sites is from Family Treasure Time as is Ancestry Home Town. If you are interested in charts, family crests you might connect with Genealogy Chart. If you need software help or archives help then try Roots Web or Genealogy Home. Other sites with links can be found at Genealogical, and Janyce's Root Dig."

The following are helpful for the Guske-Gustke families: 1. A good short history of Germany and of the area which seems to be the origin of our families. 2. Other list servers that are for German family histories. 3. A map of the cities of Neustradt (Wejherorowo-Polish), West Prussia (Westpreussen) Kolow, and Lauenbrug as a starting point of locating our families. This area is North to North-West and west of Danzig (Gdnask-Polish). 4. A good web site for research into German family histories. 5. Link to Hamburg emigrant lists  6. Pommern Villlage/Town lists.

The accepted present belief in the origin of the name Gustke is a Slovak word "gost" which means "guest" or "foreigner".  The town, Gustkow (D3) in Pommerin, may orginate the name Gustke (Guske) or got its name from an early Gustke (foreigners) settlers. Gustkow is north of Butow, between this town and the river Stolpe.

German Pomeranian Maps, Flags, and History

Our Pomeranian Flag Pomeranian Map  Pomeranian History
Pomeranian History Pomeranian Border States Butow Area
Late Middle Ages
Pommern Churches Danzig Map Butow Area
Middle Ages


This area is to provide a chronological chart display of a family tree. Please e-mail us your Guske - Gustke family chronological display.

Wilhelm Gustke (Deutsch) father of Julius Herman Gustke(USA)

Friedrich Guske 1817-1894

Charles Gustke (Ohio) 1920's

Wilhelm Gustke (Washington) 1890's

Guske Ancestors of Richard Konkel (Ferdinand Guske -Deutsch)

Edward Gustkey of West Virginia


Here we hope to keep up todate family gatherings or other activities that help foster a reconnecting of the different family branches to a common trunk.

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